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UDC 628.16/.31.085

Rudnikova G. I., Zelenin A. M.

Water Disinfection Using the UV-Irradiation at Water Treatment Facilities of the City of Angarsk


For the purpose of improving the barrier function with respect to viruses, parasites and water bacteria at water treatment facilities of Angarsk the station of potable water UV-disinfection was put into operation in 2009. The station’s equipment is located in the building of main facilities block before the vertical mixers. From the first days of operation the high efficiency of the UV-disinfection method was established. The analyses results show the complete inactivation of all water microorganisms and dependence of intensity of lamps radiation on physicochemical properties of river water as well. For the purpose of eliminating this dependence the alternative scheme of water feed is offered: treated water after the filter is delivered to UV-disinfection plants instead of river water.

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