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UDC 628.336.57

Khrenov K. E., KOZLOV M. N., Kharkina O. V., Kevbrina M. V.

Treatment of Digested Sludge in Aerated Bioreactors


Processes of the treatment of digested sludge of the Moscow treatment facilities in aerated bioreactors have been studied under the laboratory conditions. It is established that in the course of stabilization of dry substance of sludge the processes of simultaneous nitri-denitrification and dephosphation take place actively. Efficiency of biogenic elements removal depends on the age of activated sludge in a bioreactor, oxygen and temperature conditions and quality of initial sludge. The flow chart of biological, aerobic treatment of digested sludge making it possible to improve water returning properties of sludge, remove the bad smelling substances, reduce the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in supernatant water has been developed.

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