The Information for Authors of Articles and Advertisers

Download a copy of information in PDF format (RUSSIAN)


An article text should be done using the Microsoft Word program. Fount and line spacing are not important as formatting and making-up are executed at the editorial office. The article can contain tables, graphs, photographs, and schemes.

Every scientific article of the Journal should contain the following data:


  • surname, name, patronymic (in full)
  • academic degree, position, place of employment
  • contact information (postal address, telephone number, e-mail)


ANNOTATION (not less than 600 characters!)




Drawings (graphs, schemes) should be presented on separate files in Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, MS Excel programs of any versions with the attached types used.

Photographs should be developed in TIF or JPG formats with resolution not less than 300 ppi.

If there is no possibility to make the illustrative materials on a computer, drawings and photographs of good quality printed on photographic paper are accepted.


In connection with adoption of the Federal Law of March 13, 2006 № 38-Ф3 “About the Advertising” we direct your attention to special requirements to advertising: placing of an advertising text in the periodic printed editions which are not specializing in reports and materials of advertising character should be accompanied with a mark "Advertising" or «As advertising». We ask you to do the specified marks in the layouts of advertising modules presented by you. Otherwise the editorial staff will add these marks independently. The advertising can be made using the Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw (don’t convert a text to curves), Adobe Photoshop (with preservation of a text layer accessible for correction), Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress programs. The prints and bitmapped images should be applied. If the layout text is converted to curves or screened, it is necessary to send it preliminary by electronic mail to the editorial office for endorsement. The bitmapped images introduced should be in TIF format with resolution not less than 300 ppi in colour model CMYK. The final size of a page of a colour advertising after cutting is 210x290 mm strictly (overhang for an edge not less than 4 mm from each side), margins are not less than 10 mm from each side.

The size a module for the first page of a cover is 190x190 mm. If you intend to place the advertising on two pages (double-page spread), the layout should be made for each page separately. Cost of the advertising in the Journal is agreed.

Concerning the placement of advertising it is necessary to turn to the editorial office, to the deputy editor-in-chief Larisa Aleksandrovna CHUBUKOVA, telephone number - +7(495) 245 9633


CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, USB flash drives

You can send the materials to the address:

115054, Moscow, Bolshoy Strochenovsky pereulok, 7, floor 8/XV, room 1B,
The editorial office of the “Water Supply and Sanitary Technique” Journal or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (an enclosure not more than 7 Mbit).

The articles are published free of charge


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