Scientific papers submitted to the editorial office are subject to obligatory peer review.

Editor-in-Chief makes initial assessment if the paper is suitable for the journal profile and sends it to the reviewer (Doctor or Candidate of Science) who is most specialized in the topic of the paper.

The reviewers are informed that the papers submitted belong to the authors and do not contain any information that is not subject to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the paper. Reviewing is carried out confidentially. The deadline for reviewing is determined by the Editor-in-Chief for every specific paper. The maximum reviewing period (from the date of submission to the editorial office to editorial decision making) is 1 month. Double-blind reviewing is adopted (the author and the reviewer do not know about each other).

The review shall include:
а) conformance of the paper content to its title;
b) appraisal of the paper relevancy;
c) appraisal of the information presentation format;
d) the expediency of the paper publication;
e) detailed description of the main strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.

The review conclusion shall include clear conclusions made by the reviewer on the basis of the manuscript reviewing on the possible publication of the paper in the submitted version or on required improvements or complete revision (with constructive comments).

In case the reviewer recommends making corrections or improvements of the paper the review is sent to the author with the suggestion to consider the comments and recommendations while preparing a new version of the paper or to dispose well-founded arguments. The paper revised by the author is again sent for peer-review.

In case the reviewer rejects the paper the editorial staff can send it for revision with due account for the comments and amendments, and/or pass the paper to another reviewer. The text of the negative review shall be also sent to the author.

The manuscripts that receive discrepant reviews are sent for additional reviewing. In case the submitted paper receives two negative reviews the editor has the right to reject it.

The final decision on the publication of the paper is made by the editorial staff.

In case of favorable decision the author shall be notified on the paper being admitted for publication.

The original reviews are kept at the editorial office for three years.

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