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UDC 349.6:628.2

Alekseeva I. V., Lysova Tat’iana

Amendments to the regulations on effluent discharge into the public wastewater disposal systems


The aspects of regulating the effluents discharged by wastewater services providers and their customers have been topical for many years. Within the frames of the current legislation on water supply and wastewater disposal and the Environmental Law subject to revision improving the system of effluent quality regulation established in 1970-ies and based on the requirement to meet the standard of the water quality in water bodies is required. Herewith the provision on sharing the responsibility for the discharged effluent quality between the wastewater services providers and their customers shall be specified. Environmental Law review since 2014 refers the issues of regulating the quality of effluents discharged by vodokanals and their customers to the competence of the legislation on water supply and wastewater disposal. This regulation provides for settling the mentioned problems by introducing changes and amendments (draft law No. 386179-6) to «Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal» Law.

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