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UDC 628.2: 677.027.623.71

Bogomolov M. V., Karmazinov F. V., Kostyuchenko S. V.

Methods of odor control in the systems  of wastewater transportation and treatment


At present odor is considered as an environmental pollution factor that produces a negative impact on human being. In the urban environment one of the main odor releasing sources are the facilities for wastewater transportation and treatment. The advanced approaches to the odor regulation and control at the wastewater treatment facilities are considered. The basic requirements to the methods of odor control are formulated. A review of the most widely used methods – thermal, biological, chemical (including ozonation), sorption, photocatalytical, electrodischarge, direct photolysis, is presented. Practical use of these methods showed that none of them used separately provided for meeting the requirements set to malodor control in the systems of wastewater transportation and treatment; therefore combinations of different methods shall be used. Examples of industrial-scale approbations of the combined most dynamically developing photosorption-catalytical method are given.

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