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UDC 628.152

Shushkevich E. V. , Bastrykin R. I., Aleshina E. V.

Features of Operation Mode of Water Supply and Distribution System under the Conditions of Decrease in Water Consumption


In connection with considerable decrease in volumes of water consumption influencing on an operation mode of water supply facilities of a city, optimization of hydraulic operation mode of all links of the system of water supply and distribution is necessary. These links are treatment facilities, pumping stations of the 2nd lift, regulating centres and pumping stations of the 3rd and 4th lifts situated within the precincts of the town as well as a distribution system and a consumer who should receive a qualitative product meeting the specified requirements. In the issue of assessment of influence of water consumption decrease on the operation mode of facilities, specialists of the MCUE Mosvodokanal have developed the complex of immediate and long-term measures aimed at optimization of conditions of water supply and distribution, conservation of some water supply facilities.

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