«Water Supply and Sanitary Technique» Journal is a scientific, technical and engineering journal.

The journal aims at supporting formation of the advanced scientific and technological achievements in the research studies carried out in Russia by promoting the best Russian and international practice of developing innovative progress strategy; providing for a professional platform for discussing trends and policies in the sciences, technologies and innovations related to water, wastewater and water resources protection engineering.

Main topics of publications:
water supply;
wastewater disposal;
natural and wastewater treatment;
water recycling in closed-loop systems with zero effluent discharge to water bodies;
hydraulic engineering structures in water industry;
underground water abstraction, use and protection from pollution and depletion;
automation and control of water facilities and energy efficient systems;
heat supply, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning.

The journal is intended for research workers, production workers and design engineers.

The current challenge of the journal is to cover the issues of technical upgrade of the water sector, to provide for active support of economic, social and legal transformations in Russia, particularly in such important fields as public utilities reform, industrial introduction of environmentally sound technologies, drinking water supply sources conservation. Facilitation of the revival of the Russian academic school is the general and major task that we can and ought to jointly realize.

«Water Supply and Sanitary Technique» Journal has been traditionally included into the list of the reviewed editions recommended by RF State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles for publishing the materials of dissertations for PhD and Doctoral degrees.

«Water Supply and Sanitary Technique» Journal is distributed by subscription in Russia, CIS and foreign countries.

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