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УДК 628.16:504.064

Sokolov D. M., Netchayev D. N.

Petrifilms (3M™ Petrifilm™) – innovative test-systems for microbial water quality monitoring


The specific features and benefits of the express method of microbiologic water quality monitoring with 3М™ Petrifilm™ are considered. 3М™ Petrifilm™ is an advanced medium standard used in Russia and abroad for microbiologic monitoring of food products, beverages and water quality. The 3М™ Petrifilm™ shelf life as long as dehydrated culture media; at the same time 3М™ Petrifilm™ is much easier to use. One of the main advantages of 3М™ Petrifilm™ is that there is no stage of culture media preparation. The main types of The 3М™ Petrifilm™ Aqua Plates for water testing are tests for determination of the number of heterotrophic bacteria (total microbial count), coliforms and enterobacteria (glucose-positive coliform bacteria), yeast and mold. The target microorganisms are determined from the growth on the selective medium, occurrence of acidification zone and gas formation. 3М™ Petrifilm™ Aqua Plates ensure valid and reliable results of analyzing drinking water by direct inoculation and membrane filtration.

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