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UDC 628.12: 628.171.001.24

Kirsanov A. A., Kolchev V. N., Shmigol V. V., Chernosvitov M. D.

Research in Relift Pumping Stations


Results of the research in operation of relift pumping stations of Samara (water consumption, pressure in the suction and pressure pipelines) are presented. The aligned graphs of distribution of specific water consumption, an average value of factual specific water consumption and coefficients of irregularity, diagrams of annual and daily changes of water consumption are given. The comparison of results obtained with the standards in force is made. Values of specific consumption of 5 and 95% provision and also a probability of ingress of factual water consumption into the interval defined by the standard specifications are determined. The efficiency of the use of frequency regulation at intra-block pumping stations is substantiated.

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