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UDC 628.165:62-278:621.311.21

Tsabilev O. V., Strelkov A. K.

Evaluation of full-scale reverse osmosis unit operational parameters


Undissolved and dissolved substances present in the water supplied to a reverse osmosis unit can form deposits. To minimize their negative effect the equipment for water pretreatment that ensures the water quality meeting the requirements set by the membrane elements manufacturers has been retrofitted into the general process flow scheme. The basic operational parameters of a full-scale reverse osmosis unit with spiral wound reverse osmosis elements are presented. Mathematical processing of the operational parameter values was carried out, the results gained were plotted. The changes in the operational parameters before and after chemical washing of the membrane elements are shown. The evaluation of the convergence of the design and actual data under the conditions considered is given. The quoted relationships allow evaluating the operational parameters of the membrane elements, determining the washing interval and efficiency of the chemical washing. The use of the presented method of evaluating the operational characteristics will also allow substantiating the warranty claims to the manufacturers of reverse osmosis units and membrane elements.

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