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UDC 628.168

Bobinkin V. V., Ershov A. G., Kasatochkin A. S., Larionov S. Iu., Panteleev A. A., Riabchikov B. E., Semin M. M., Shilov M. M.

Commercial plant for removing chloroorganic compounds  from underground water


The existing technology of removing chloroorganic compounds from underground water allowed designing a relatively simple and reliable flow scheme. Within the shortest possible time a commercial plant with a capacity of up to 250 m3/h (4000 m3/day) of water cleaned off volatile chloroorganic compounds at the «Zalineinyi» water intake in Podolsk city, Moscow Area, was designed. This allowed commissioning temporally abandoned water wells and improving the municipal water supply. At the first stage of reconstruction the process flow scheme of water treatment was upgraded with a system of enhanced aeration-air stripping of volatile chloroorganic compounds, a first lift pumping station, a mechanical filters block charged with granulated activated carbon. After purification the concentration of volatile chloroorganic compounds in water was lower then the regulatory requirements. The second reconstruction stage envisages commissioning a reverse osmosis plant to eliminate water hardness to the optimal level.

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