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Alekseeva L. P., Alekseev S. E., Korsa-Vavilova E. V., Shmelev A. Ia.

The use of ozone in surface water purification for public water supply of small communities


Two options of using ozone in purification of water from surface water supply sources with excess concentrations of organics in block-modular plants of small capacity are considered. Ozone effecting the changes in the basic water quality parameters is shown. The use of ozone in surface water purification extends the potential of the technologic process control under frequent seasonal fluctuations of the raw water quality, improves the quality of water after purification which is most important in the operation of small capacity plants. Besides, ozonation provides for reducing significantly the dosages of chemicals (coagulant and flocculant), and in some cases (during certain seasons) eliminating completely their use. The process studies carried out in a block-modular plant manufactured by «Moskosvskie Ozonatory» Company showed that the ozonation of the Volga River water for public water supply can be carried out using two process schemes: ozonation and sorption in carbon filters; or coagulation, ozonation and sorption. The parameters and conditions of using the ozonation, coagulation and sorption methods were specified; their efficiency at the minimum required chemical dosages was determined. It was stated that the use of ozone in block-modular plants for surface water purification provided for improving significantly the quality of drinking water regardless of the seasonal fluctuations in raw water quality; improving the integrity of the water supply system by all the parameters including microbiological ones. The effect of certain structural and technological solutions at the facilities on the water purification efficiency was noted.

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