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UDC 628.166.085

Kostyuchenko S. V., Baranov V. L., Tkachev Andrei

Ultraviolet radiation – an advanced method  of wastewater disinfection


The current regulatory requirements to effluent disinfection with chlorine agents demand an obligatory dechlorination stage. In the present context physical methods of wastewater disinfection can be an alternative solution. The method of wastewater ultraviolet radiation with the wave length of 253.7 m and low pressure amalgam lamps is most efficient and widely used. The given method is characterized by the high disinfection efficiency in relation to all types of microorganisms including viruses; by the absence of negative environmental impact; by the absence of disinfection by-products in wastewater, and equipment compactness. Engineering and economical comparison of the two methods of disinfection is presented: with the use of chlorine agent and ultraviolet radiation. It is shown that the method of ultraviolet radiation disinfection is more cost effective. The absolute value of the annual economic effect of using the equipment for UV disinfection of wastewater is increasing with the increase of the capacity of the facilities as a result of significant operational costs saving even at minor increase of the amount of the wastewater treated.

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