DOI 10/35776/MNP.2019.09.04
UDC 543.3:544.576

Vikoulin P. D., Khlopov Kirill, Cherkashin Mikhail

Effect of ultrasonic field on the dynamic viscosity of water


Enhancing water purification processes is provided by various methods including physical ones, in particular, exposure to ultrasonic vibrations. The change in the dynamic viscosity of water affects the rate of deposition of particles in the aquatic environment which can be used in natural and wastewater treatment. At the Department «Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal» of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering experimental studies were conducted under laboratory conditions to study the effect of ultrasound on the change in the dynamic viscosity of water. A laboratory setup has been designed consisting of an ultrasonic frequency generator of the relative intensity, a transducer (concentrator) that transmits ultrasonic vibrations to the source water, and sonic treatment tanks. Experimental studies on the impact of the ultrasonic field in the cavitation mode on the dynamic viscosity of the aqueous medium were carried out; the exposure time was obtained to achieve the maximum effect.

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