DOI 10/35776/MNP.2019.09.06
UDC 628.14:620.193

Andrianov A. P., Tchoukhin V. A.

Identification of corrosion of galvanized pipes in the water supply system


The data on the research and application of a new method for identifying corrosion of house water plumbing made of galvanized steel pipes are presented. The method can be used for regular monitoring of the technical condition of cold and hot water supply systems made of galvanized steel pipes in residential, public and industrial buildings. The method is based on determining corrosion products of pipelines and equipment, zinc and copper in particular, on a test biscuit. The technical result of the proposed solution is the possibility of its application directly from the start of the operation of the water supply system as well as reducing the time to identify the occurrence of corrosion of pipelines and equipment during long-term operation.

Key words

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