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Shushkevich E. V. , Bastrykin R. I., Aleshina E. V. , Babaev A. V., Shotina K. V. , Priven E. M.

Prospects of the Moscow public water supply long-term development  with account for the newly-annexed territories


The results of developing the water supply schemes of Moscow including the newly-annexed territories of the Troitsk and Novomoskovsk administrative districts for the period to 2025 and with account for the RF legislation amendments of 2015 and the data on the update of the Moscow Master Plan are presented. At that the following measures were planned: acquisition and analysis of data from about 60 institutions of Moscow, the Troitsk and Novomoskovsk administrative districts; complete communication to the schemes of water and heat supply; processing big volumes of technologic, technical and economic information; record of the results of hydraulic modeling of water supply and wastewater management. The water supply schemes for the period to 2025 included the upgrade of the water supply systems of the Troitsk and Novomoskovsk administrative districts by several areas, namely: extension of the drinking water supply area from the West Water Treatment Plant; construction of large-scale regulation waterworks; construction of 600–1000 mm diameter water mains; upgrade of water intake facilities that abstract water from artesian wells; reconstruction of the water distribution network. The perspective measures on the construction and upgrade of the water treatment facilities on the basis of the analysis of the technical and economic state of the public cold water supply systems were determined and developed with account for the urban planning documentation of Moscow.

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