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UDC 628.1.3:658.52.011.56

Zubkov S. V., Galkin A. N., Nikolaev A. V., Krivtsov V. M.

Introduction of Program Complexes ASCPVodokanal and Remont-Expert at the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Gorvodokanal (MUE) of Novosibirsk


The experience in introduction and operation of the automated system of control of technological processes (ASCP) at water supply and sewerage networks as well as the maintenance of equipment of subdivisions of the Novosibirsk’s Gorvodokanal MUE is expounded. Unification and renewal of technical means and software makes it possible to create a united information data base. The programs introduced make it possible to unite separated information and assess the efficiency of the enterprise operation on the whole. The Remont-Expert program accelerates significantly the process of decision-making in the course of equipment repair work. The use of the program complex ASCP Vodokanal makes it possible to reduce man-hours of the staff of the central supervisory service, technical department, water supply and sewerage services in the course of execution of analytic work of information character.

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