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UDC 628.35.004.69

Dzenis Lech, Gogina Elena, Gurinovich A.i D.

Small-scale treatment facilities upgrade using SBR technology


The issues of wastewater treatment facilities reconstruction with the use of sequencing batch reactor (SBR-cyclic reactor) are considered. Regulations for effluent discharge into water bodies of different purpose significantly differ in the Russian Federation and European Union. However, the experience of European countries in the field of wastewater treatment facilities upgrade is of great interest and can be used on the territory of Russia with some changes in the process flow diagram. The description of the process in a cyclic SBR is presented. The operation cycle of a typical reactor used for wastewater treatment is described. By the example of upgrading wastewater treatment facilities with different capacities in Poland the capabilities of reconstructing different types of facilities with batch reactor retrofit are shown. The example of converting a double-deck settling basin into a cyclic reactor is given. The capacity of the facilities in this case is not used in full. Therefore, if needed the output of the wastewater treatment facilities can be increased. The second example shows the upgrade of the rectangular biological treatment unit of the wastewater plant. The third example presents the reconstruction of a septic tank that was equipped with the systems of wastewater aeration, mixing, feeding and removal. The information on the equipment used in the process of converting various tanks into the batch reactor is quoted. The basic design parameters of a SBR are presented. The quality parameters of wastewater treatment in SBRs conform to the EC standards for effluent discharge into water bodies.

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