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UDC 628.16.081

Fomina V. F., Fomin A. V.

The experience of operating pressure flotation facilities for the purification of low-turbid colored water of the Vychegda River (on the occasion of 10 years of the startup of pressure flotation facilities
at the water treatment plant of Syktyvkar)


The results of operating the pressure flotation facilities with a capacity of 65,000 m3/day commissioned in May 2006 at the water treatment plant of Syktyvkar are considered. During 10 years the pressure flotation facilities have been successfully operating and ensuring high-level clarification of drinking water. The analysis of the main water quality indicators after each treatment stage showed that the pressure flotation method had been the most efficient for purification of low-turbid colored water of the Vychegda River. It is stated that during certain seasons color increase higher than 150–200 grades and temperature decrease result in complications with meeting the standard for permanganate oxidizability; therefore more detailed selection of chemical agents and dosage optimization is required. At the optimal coagulation operation mode the method of pressure flotation provides for enhanced water clarification to less than 1 mg/l turbidity which allows using filters as barrier facilities in case of turbidity breakthrough.

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