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UDC 628.14:62-531.3

Rakitskii D. S., Nagornyi S. L., Bykova P. G., Erchev V. N., Ageev M. K.

The experience of introducing variable-frequency electric drives of pumping units


Regulating the rotation speed of pumping unit rotors at the pumping stations of the second and third lift of the Samara pumping-filtration station has been suggested, tried and tested. The introduction of frequency regulation mode of the pumping units operation with the use of variable-frequency electric drives provided for 29.52% reduction of the failure rate of the water mains and distribution networks compared to 2013 and 25.58% reduction compared to 2014; 23% reduction of the power consumption by the pumping units of the second lift pumping station; 15.4% reduction by the pumping units of the third lift pumping station supplying water to the customers. At that the reliability of the water supply system in whole improves owing to the reduction of the network failure rate alongside with the quality of services provided by «Samarskie Kommunal’nye Sistemy» LLC.

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