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UDC 628.14/.21:621.391

Petsching Sylvia, Huainig Michael, Ovsiankin A. A., Lobanov Fedor

Cableless video inspection of pipelines with the help of built-in system of leak detection


The main application areas of Pipe-Inspector® inspection device designed to carry out video inspection of water distribution pipelines and sewers for long distances (up to 50 km) without interrupting the operation are considered. The acoustic system of leak detection provides for the high picture quality and additional photographic recording. The main areas of using Pipe-Inspector® for sewer inspection are: detection of sections with big deposits to evaluate the necessity of cleaning the canal; detection of leaks or damages; routine maintenance; possible inspection of long canal sections. As an illustration the use of Pipe-Inspector® system for the inspection of the water distribution system in Westfriesedijk, The Netherlands is presented. The municipal water company supplies water to 1.5 million private houses, companies and institutions.

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