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UDC 628.1/.3:338.2

NEFEDOVA E. D., Hyamyalyainen M. M., Kovzharovskaia I. B.

The experience of evaluating the efficiency of the actions  of the investment program of a water supply  and wastewater disposal enterprise


The communal infrastructure of the water supply and wastewater disposal in Russia needs renovation. The need in reconstruction and upgrade of the public water supply and wastewater disposal systems increases year by year. In this context any enterprise in compiling targeted lists of development program actions faces the problems of substantiating and evaluating the efficiency of the actions, prioritizing their implementation. The approaches determined in the branch regulatory legal acts do not provide for evaluating adequately the efficiency of construction, renovation and upgrade of the public water and wastewater facilities and substantiating the need in them. Taking into account the specificity of the enterprise and the experience gained SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» developed an additional tool for evaluating the efficiency and substantiating the actions; prepared and put in force the guidance documents. The suggested tool includes the evaluation of the economic efficiency of an action, its contribution to the achievement of the planned re­liability, quality and energy efficiency as well as of the implementation risk. The tool has been approbated in the process of developing the investment program of SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg».

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