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NEFEDOVA E. D., Hyamyalyainen M. M., Kovzharovskaia I. B., Shevchik G. V.

Risk-oriented approach to the arrangement  of drinking water quality control


Supplying the population with safe drinking water has been one of the priority tasks in the water supply sector. For many years the approach to the arrangement of the quality control of drinking water supplied to the population with the use of a public water supply system has not been changed and has been carried out in full compliance with the active for that time laws and regulations. In 2016 RF Government Decree of August 17, 2016 No. 806 «On using the risk-oriented approach in the arrangement of certain types of the state control (inspection)» was adopted that allowed the providers of water supply services to use the risk-oriented approach in the arrangement of the process control of drinking water quality with account of the population health risk. In accordance with the current legislation SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» has developed the «Program of the process control of the drinking water quality and safety in the city of Saint-Petersburg for the period of 2017–2022» with account of the risk-oriented approach in the arrangement of drinking water quality control that is currently implemented in the control and supervision by Rospotrebnadzor bodies.

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