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FESENKO L. N., Tcherkesov A. Yu., Ignatenko S. I., Shchukin S. A.

Purification of hydrogen sulfide containing natural water
by iron-catalytic oxidation in a reactor with unltrafiltration separation


Currently purification of hydrogen sulfide containing water has been still a bottleneck in water treatment and demands advanced high-efficient technologies, equipment and plants providing for solving at the same time drinking and environmental aspects. The technology based on iron-catalytic oxidation of sulfides in the presence of atmospheric oxygen and combined with membrane treatment is proposed as an advanced technology of hydrogen sulfide removal from natural water. The data on practical testing the proposed technology in a laboratory unit is presented. Subsequent to the results of the experimental studies the area of the developed technolo­gy application in purification of hydrogen sulfide containing natural water is substantiated. The absence of accompanying hydrogen sulfide emission from the reactor in the process of water purification and environmental safety has been noted. Based on the obtained results the technology is considered for today as possible and essential. Herewith further study with investigations directed at determi­ning the optimal process parameters is needed.

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