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Karmazinov F. V., Zhitenev A. I., Shunto I. P., Kuz’min Valentin, Spivakov M. A., Pulin O. V., IGNATCHIK V. S., Ignatchik S. Iu., Kuznetsova N. V.

The use of stochastic methods in determining the required capacity of regulating units in combined sewers


The flows of wastewater removed by the combined sewers are characterized by high irregularity caused by the random nature of rainfall and snow melting. One of the ways of improving the reliability of these systems is the introduction of flow regulating units. They have been designed to diverse wastewater between the sanitation districts in case of emergency or in case of the actual wastewater inflow in one of them, e. g. because of over-estimated rainfall, exceeding the actual capacity of the regulating units. The method of determining the required capacity of the flow regulating units with the use of stochastic methods was developed. By the example of the wastewater disposal system of Saint-Petersburg it was stated that the required supply of the sewage pumping station (SPS No. 6) functioning as a regulating unit between the left-bank and right-bank sanitation districts was of random nature and was distributed according to the exponential law with the increasing probability of using the modes with lower supply.

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