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Karmazinov F. V., Zhitenev A. I., Shunto I. P., Kuz’min V. A., Kostenko I. G., Martiugin V. A., Pulin O. V., IGNATCHIK V. S., Ignatchik S. Iu., Kuznetsova N. V., Fes’kova A. Ia.

Specific features of hydraulic mode simulation for combined sewers


Hydraulic simulation of sewerage networks in big cities in practice involves input of large quantities of data on all the network sections including the yard ones. This complicates significantly and extends the time required for fulfilling the task. Therefore developing express-method of hydraulic simulation of transporting facilities of sewers will provide for reducing the amount of input information without reducing the accuracy of the calculation results. In order to substantiate the method experimental studies in one of the sanitation districts of Saint-Petersburg were carried out. By experiment it was stated that the use of simplified hydraulic simulation with account of only street networks (without the yard ones) resulted in 20% overestimation of the calculated flows. Herewith the express-method of calculating wastewater flows in combined sewers depending on the rainfall intensity that allows the use of hydraulic simulation with account of only street networks where virtual tanks are simulated with a capacity equal to the capacity of the yard networks connected to them has been experimentally substantiated. The method error is 2–5%.

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