DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.09.07
UDC 628.356

Bazhenov V. I., Ustiuzhanin A. V., Koroleva Ekaterina

Aeration for wastewater biological treatment: updating foreign terms and abbreviations


The study of domestic and foreign methods for aeration tanks evaluation and their design guidelines is presented. The analysis of modern approaches to the calculation of treatment facilities indicates that the calculated air flow rate is determined in accordance with the oxygen demand of the biological process for the oxidation of organic compounds, nitrification and denitrification. International terms and abbreviations have been adapted to Russian analogues taken in conjunction with the theory of oxygen mass transfer, as well as the international guidelines for the design of wastewater treatment facilities. The difference between the field (experimentally measured) and calculated (determined for the design) parameters OUR and AOR, SOTR and SOR is explained. Balance equality between OTR and AOR is an optimal and economical design solution. It is noted that the use of updated international terms and abbreviations in tender and competitive procedures (during design and delivery) will simplify their implementation and ensure mutual understanding between the parties. The need for regulation of the air supply to aeration tanks is justified by the balance of oxygen «consumption – transfer». In dynamic conditions for regulated systems OTR → OUR. With the automated maintenance of the set point for the concentration of dissolved oxygen this condition provides for the savings in energy consumption.

Key words

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