DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.08.07

UDC 628.1/.2:72

Sedov A. M.

Architectural view – continued


The architecture department of the «MosvodokanalNIIproject» JSC, in addition to designing harmonious appearance and interiors of the facilities always solves the problem of providing for logical and clear space-planning structural arrangement of buildings, ensuring the optimal functioning of technological processes and engineering systems, comfortable working conditions for the staff. Based on this approach, for the last 5 years numerous projects have been developed and implemented that are considered in terms of specific
features and requirements of architecture design. The most significant water and wastewater treatment projects are presented. Of these there is reconstruction of the Kuryanovo and South-Butovo wastewater treatment facilities in Moscow, construction of water treatment facilities at the Western water treatment plant. The issue of designing wastewater treatment facilities in the territory of New Moscow, in particular, in the village of Rogovo, is touched upon. The expanding segment of designing urban sanitation facilities is considered in detail. Of these are «EcoTechnoPark «Kaluga». Successful case studies of cooperating with third-party contractors, in particular, on the Moscow oil refinery, and the Khovrinskaia pumping station are presented.

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DOI 10.35776/VST.2021.02.07
UDC 628.1:72.03

Sedov A. M., Balova Ol’ga

The history of the Murom water tower


The history of the first urban district water supply system in the city of Murom in the Russian Empire is presented. The situation with drinking water supply in the late 19th – early 20th centuries is considered. Fresh information about engineer E. I. Yerzhemsky – the author of the project of the Ermakovskii water supply system is presented. The main architectural and compositional solutions and original elements of the decorative design of the facades of the water tower are described. The paper addresses historians, art experts, architects, employees of state authorities and local government, as well as readers interested in the historical and cultural heritage of Russia.

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