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Belov N. A., Kevbrina M. V., Aseyeva V. G., Gavrilin A. M., Gazizova N. G.

Acidification potential of the incoming wastewater and raw sludge at the Moscow wastewater treatment facilities


The consistency of biological phosphorus elimination process depends on the readily available organic matter concentration in the incoming wastewater. The concentration of this substance in the wastewater at the Moscow wastewater treatment facilities is not high. Acidification is one of the methods of enhancing readily available organic matter concentration. The production of biologically readily available organic matter (volatile fatty acids) of raw sludge and incoming wastewater at the Kouryanovo Wastewater Treatment Facilities was evaluated in an anaerobic batch-flow reactor at various temperature and time values of prefermentation process. On the basis of the experimental results the techniques of evaluating the availability of the organic compounds for phosphate accumulating bacteria (the technique of evaluating acidification potential) was developed. Acidification potential provides for the assessment of acidification process efficiency for the reduction of phosphate-phosphorus in the effluent.

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