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UDC 628.16:66.067

Krapukhin V. B., Kulyukhin S. A.

Helical filter elements and their hydraulic characteristics


The description of two constructional designs of helical filter elements with reduced adhesive properties capable of operating in «filtration-regeneration» mode without replacement for more than 105 cycles is presented. Owing to the special property of the filter element residing in the fact that the filtering flow passage of the element expands during regeneration and recovers to the original state during filtration; and owing to the vibration of the filter baffle during regeneration complete recovery of the filtering properties of the elements after each filtration-regeneration cycle is provided. The scheme of the unit for determining the hydraulic characteristics of helical filter elements both in the presence of the dynamic membrane made of filter perlite powder and in the absence of it is presented. The helical filter element capacity is determined (pore size: 8, 11, 17, 28, 38, 51, 77, 114, 154 and 248 μm) during filtration of water free of any pollutants and when using precoated dynamic membranes made of filter perlite powder. Sample weight of dry filter perlite powder for precoating one helical filter element was 4, 8, 12 and 24 g. The dependences of the filtration rate from the pressure of the filtered flow, filter baffle porosity and filter perlite powder weight precoating the helical filter element were determined.

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