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UDC 168.165

Tsabilev O. V., Strelkov A. K.

Optimization of the scheme of preparing demineralized water at the existing machine building enterprise


Machine building industry needs demineralized water for moisturizers, washing and other processes. To prepare demineralized water the method of reverse osmosis is used. The advantages of this method of water demineralization are as follows: low chemical consumption, compact size of the plants and possible flexibility of the process automation. Considering the scale of reverse osmosis use and diversity of the solvable problems designing a versatile installation meeting all the requirements is practically impossible and economically unjustified. It is evident that engineering calculations and design adaptation shall be carried out in each case. An example of upgrading the demineralization scheme with the purpose of improving the capacity and conditioned water quality is presented. The result is achieved by the use of the two-stage reverse osmosis scheme that provides for the minimum chemical costs during the operation. The modernization of the facilities was carried out in continuous-duty service. Half year operation of the upgraded two-stage scheme the sustained quality of the demineralizaed water has been observed.

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