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UDC 627.

Voronov I. V., Shirkova T. N.

Designing drainage systems of flooded areas on the basis of computer simulation


To make hydrogeological calculations of drainage systems for protecting territories from floods the methods of analogy, analytical and computer simulation are used. The method of computer simulation as applied to designing drainage systems on the territory of the Imeretinskaia Lowland of the Krasnodar Area is closely considered. The analysis of the model map of ground water depth after territory upfilling and building development provided for identifying the areas to construct the systems of engineering protection from floo­ding. The basic design solution of reducing ground water level on the flooded territories is constructing horizontal subsoil pipe drainage with filtering bedding or radial horizontal drainage. Depending on the results of the mathematical simulation of the hydrogeological conditions on the protected area and hydrogeological calculations pipe drainages of perimeter, linear or systematic (areal) type are constructed. Ground water by gravity is diverted into open-channel flows provided the proper ecological justification is available. As may be required automated drainage pumping over stations are established. The developed concept allows reducing and maintaining ground water level at the permissible depth.

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