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UDC 579.556:628.161.1

Gorshenin A. P., Garasko E. V., Ponomarev A. P.

Influence of Nanobacteria on Potable Water Quality and Safety


Results of the microbiological monitoring of potable water quality in the cities of Ivanovo, Vladimir, Kostroma using bacteriophysical and electron-microscopic methods are presented. Nanostructures capable of reproduction were found in the samples of potable water. A phenomenon of nanotransformation accompanied by the formation of several morphological conformations of nanobacteria is revealed. Nanobacteria presenting in potable water prepared using the traditional ways influence on its quality and may pose a hazard to human health. Determination of the fact of unfavorable influence may require the development of innovative water treatment techniques for eradication of nanobacteria.

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