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DOI 10/35776/MNP.2019.09.09
UDC 628.2+532.54

Dezhina I. S., Orlov V. А., Zotkin S. P.

The study of the surface texture of pipes with the purpose
of increasing their transporting capacity


The results of exploratory research on the transportation of water and sand in specially designed laboratory and work benches including a platform with replaceable modular polymer elements (troughs) with artificial roughness are presented. The methodology of experiments on large benches with modular piped elements using photo- and film equipment as well as devices for determining velocity, filling and slope is presented. The nature of the turbulence zones with a different texture of the inner surfaces of the troughs in the form of obstructions of different height is revealed. The results of hydraulic experiments are presented in two modes: single-phase (water without foreign inclusions) and two-phase (water mixed with sand of different fractional composition). According to the results of experimental studies the areas of effective operation of modular troughs for sand transportation for various textures of artificial roughness of pipes of sewer systems were identified. The expediency of using corrugated inner walls of pipelines transporting wastewater for the efficient removal of sand belts settled on the bottom and walls of the pipes is substantiated.

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