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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.09.05
UDC 628.112.23: 351.852.14

Prokof’eva P. S., Chizhik K. I.

Artesian wells of the Moscow region of the 19th–20th centuries


A historical review is presented that describes the results of the completed stage of work on the search and study of underground water intake structures of the pre-revolutionary period in the Moscow Region. The materials presented concern mainly the so-called «artesian wells». These structures are scarcely covered in modern professional books. By design these wells had a large diameter and depth and were located above artesian boreholes. Their construction was caused by the need to place large-sized pumping units that were an integral part of the process of constructing an artesian well. The article presents a brief overview of such underground water intakes that existed as part of the city water pipelines in Moscow, documentary information on the methods of their construction, as well as a description of the artesian well discovered by the authors in Serpukhov, Moscow Region.

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