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Sokolov D. M., Kashintsev I. V., Sokolov M. S., Kantor L. I., Melnitsky I. A., Trukhanova N. V.

Potable Water Quality and Innovation Methods of Control (a problem and analytic review)


Chemical and microbiological criteria of potable water quality are considered. Innovation methods of the water quality control – highly sensitive, selective, reproduced and express, having high accuracy and reliability for evaluation of its harmlessness and safety are presented. The regular production control of potable water quality is exercised at accredited laboratories and analytic centers of regional and municipal organizations. The experience of the Center of water quality analytic control of the Municipal unitary enterprise Ufavodokanal in the use of innovation methods of quality rating of potable water and wastewater including metrological approved methods and up-to-date measuring instruments of control (analytic devices, express-tests and indicators, petrifilms, chromogenic and fluorogenic nutrient media) is discussed. Equipment of domestic accredited laboratories with up-to-date means of comprehensive control over the potable water quality increases efficiency and reliability of its analysis’s results.

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