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DOI 10.35776/VST.2022.07.05
UDC 628.312.5:577.18

Mezrin Nikita, Abramova Anna, Diagelev Mikhail, Isakov Vitalii

Estimation of the specific pollutants in municipal wastewater


The data of Russian and international studies on the methods of detection and identification of antibiotics in wastewater are presented. The information on the production and sales of the consumed drugs was used as a method for quantifying and predicting antibiotics released into the environment. The analysis of the data showed that by 2030 a massive increase in the consumption of antibiotics in Russia from 63.2 to 105.3 thousand tons was planned. The data on the number of detected antibiotics in wastewater from different countries are also presented. A classification of the methods used for detecting antibiotics in municipal wastewater is given, and the individual characteristics of each method with the inherent advantages and disadvantages are given. The choice of a specific method depends on the availability of equipment, qualified personnel, number and frequency of analyses, degree of accuracy, and other significant factors. The spectrophotometric method is one of the most common research methods for the detection of pharmaceuticals in wastewater.

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