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UDC 628.28
DOI 10.35776/VST.2023.08.05

Maslov Andrei

Efficient use of hydrodynamic nozzles for municipal combined sewer flushers and suction dredgers


Hydrodynamic cleaning of sewer networks is carried out by water utility services to maintain networks in working condition and for emergency elimination of blockages. In this case, combined sewer flushers and suction dredgers with a wide range of various sewer flushing nozzles are used. It is a correctly selected nozzle that is the key to the efficiency and speed of cleaning utility networks. To eliminate blockages in pipes, a set of nozzles is required – both standard and special. Currently, there are no universal nozzles that can cope with any type of blockage in a pipe of any material and any diameter. While choosing a nozzle, the determinants are the characteristics of the pump of the sewer flusher (water flow and pressure), the range of diameters of the pipes subject to cleaning, the dimensions of the washing hose and the general condition of the pipeline. It is also of utmost importance to correctly determine the range of work tasks. Before buying nozzles, it is recommended to seek the advice of specialists.

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