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UDC 628.

Strelkov A. K., Egorova Yu. A., Bykova P. G., Erchev V. N., Dudarev V. A., Kichigin V. I.

Research in Possibility of Low Turbid Water Treatment under the PFS-1 of Samara Conditions


The flow chart of water treatment with an aluminium oxychloride coagulant in combination with flocculant Magnafloc LT20 in winter and during the spring flood has been proposed and tested under production conditions. It is established that the quality of water taking into account permanganate oxidation, residual aluminium, colour and turbidity has improved. It is proved that the efficiency of disinfection in the course of coagulation treatment with aluminium oxychloride is 1,5–2 times higher than with aluminium sulphate. It makes it possible to reduce the dose of chlorine at the primary disinfection and to reduce accordingly the possibility of formation of organochlorine compounds. Due to reduction of an aluminium polyoxychloride dose the sliming at treatment facilities is reduced up to 30% that makes it possible to reduce the discharge of suspended matters and residual aluminium from the station. Manufacturing expenses and water losses go down, conditions of facilities disinfection improve, which guarantees the epidemic safety of water.

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