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Kofman V. Ya.

Advanced methods of removing nitrogen from wastewater
(a review)


In the context of natural mineral and energy resource shortage the research and industrial practice in many countries are focused on using wastewater for domestic and industrial needs, nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) for agriculture and also energy feedstock that provides for the energy generation levels that exceed the demand of the treatment facilities. The energy-efficient approaches developed in recent decades for the biological removal of nitrogen from wastewater are considered: partial nitrification-Anammox for the treatment of return flows of anaerobic sludge digestion and the main wastewater flow; DEAMOX for co-processing of municipal wastewater and wastewater with a high nitrate content; CANDO for direct energy recovery based on nitrogen-containing wastewater components; ANITA SHUNT for wastewater treatment with a low COD/N ratio; ANITA MOX carried out in the MBBR reactor that ensures simultaneous partial nitrification and Anammox process. In order to effectively promote these technological processes intensive research is being conducted in the field of studying microbial ecology and the mechanism of metabolic processes, increasing the stability of processes and energy recovery efficiency, developing combined flow schemes for recovering energy and nutrients, and also modeling biochemical processes.

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