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Enhancement of Efficiency of the Use of Geothermal Water for Hot Water Supply


Results of the study of the fractional composition of sand coming by with geothermal water from Apsheron, Karagan and Chokrak aquifers, and also its influence on kinetics of the precipitation of the solid phase of calcium carbonate from of geothermal water solutions are presented. A design scheme of effective use of geothermal water for hot water supply and heating is resulted.

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Stabilization Treatment of Geothermal Water


Stabilization treatment of geothermal water with the help of degasification and with the use of a crystalline initiator are considered. The experience of operation of geothermal equipment in the case of disturbance of carbonate-calcium equilibrium in water is presented. Degasification of geothermal water treated preliminary for carbon dioxide up to the equilibrium value makes it possible to speed up crystallization of calcium carbonate in the contact medium. It is proved that the more is the drop of pressure in a crystallizer the more is the concentration of a suspension being generated. The speed of separation of the solid phase of calcium carbonate from the geothermal water solution is proportional to the component of the pressure drop in the crystallizer from equilibrium to the final value.

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