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KOZLOV M. N., Streltsov S. A., Kevbrina M. V., Gavrilin A. M., Gazizova N. G.

Acidification (prefermentation) as a method of raw sludge stabilization in the process of nutrients removal from wastewater


The concentration of readily available organic matter determines the stability of biological elimination of phosphate phosphorus from wastewater. Wastewater in Moscow is characterized with low value of this index. The process of raw sludge acidification (prefermentation) is one of the methods of increasing the concentration of readily available organics. The results of laboratory, pilot and industrial-scale testing raw sludge acidification at the Moscow wastewater treatment facilities are presented. Acidification process provides for increasing the concentration of volatile fatty acids in wastewater that improves the stability of phosphate phosphorus elimination in the aeration tanks operating with the technology developed at the University of Cape Town.

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