DOI 10.35776/VST.2022.01.06
UDC 628.16.065.2:553.635.1

Kamarou Maksim, Kamluk Tat’iana

Synthetic gypsum prepared from natural water coagulation sludge


The results of studies on the preparation of gypsum from waste sulfuric acid from the production of chemical fibers, and calcium-containing waste sludge generated in the process of natural water coagulation, are presented. During the synthesis of spent sulfuric acid and coagulation sludge, calcium sulfate dihydrate with crystals of a given size and shape is formed, as well as a by-product – a filtrate with a high concentration of Mg, Na, S and Ca. The availability of these elements opens up the potential of using the filtrate as a microfertilizer, and ferrous sulfate (about 11 wt. %) as a coagulant. The availability of iron in the filtrate also opens up the doors to using it as a precursor for the production of catalytic materials for removing dissolved organic substances from wastewater by photocatalytic treatment, or for the production of sorption materials for removing oil products from wastewater. Iron in these materials will give them additional magnetic properties to enhance their extraction from the treated aqueous media. The technical and economic analysis showed that using the filtrate significantly increases the investment efficiency of the proposed technological process.

Key words

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