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Beginning from no. 4, 2019, the editors start publishing in open access the English text of some articles (the English version of the site) as well as abstracts of articles from foreign periodicals.


Improving the energy efficiency of UV water disinfection systems

Modeling hydraulic modes of firefighting water system operations in the Internet

Domestic wastewater treatment by reverse osmosis

Process concentrate treatment by flotation at CHP plants


The experience of establishing management accounting in Vodokanal of Novokuznetsk

Methods of supplementary chlorination in the long sections of the water mains in Novokuznetsk

Advanced methods of wastewater sludge disinvasion (for the discussion)

Sustainable use of free headSustainable use of free head


Project for the reconstruction of the tertiary treatment plant at the wastewater treatment facilities of the city of Samara

Determining the calculated depth of rainfall while designing surface runoff treatment facilities

The use of pipes made of various materials for the construction of sewer networks

Change in the power consumption and capacity of booster pumping stations in Samara during their reconstruction


Development of the mechanisms of digital transformation of water utilities

Optimization of the choice of diameters of the pipelines in the water distribution network considering the fire safety

Choosing a technology for repairing sewers operated in difficult soil conditions with account of the geometric irregularity of the tunnel sections


Ways of reducing the operating costs of membrane units for the preparation of drinking water from underground water sources

Reuse of stained wash water for washing fabric after dyeing

Potentialities of energy saving in the operation of a sanitation system of a big city


Technological aspects of dewatering sludge of industrial-storm wastewater of motor transport enterprises

Choosing the methods of rehabilitation of gravity sewers

Study of the changes in the thermal conditions of sewer networks in winter

Gravity membrane filtration in water and wastewater treatment schemes (a review)


Assessment of plant growth regulators affecting phytoplankton and zooplankton in a small stream

Key findings of full-scale tests of a sludge digestion technology with biomass recyclingwith biomass recycling

Analysis of maintenance geotechnologies and monitoring of sewer tunnels in complicated geotechnical engineering conditions

Resu lts of experimental studies of water hammer arising in the operation of sewage pumping stations


The study of direct electrolysis of water in the Vietnam Sea in the production of sodium hypochlorite

Information security of the water supply and sanitation utilities as in the case of the Baikal natural area (in order of discussion)

Advanced technology of municipal wastewater treatment with granular sludge

Reconstruction of the air blower station at the wastewater treatment facilities in Chita


The mechanisms of action of inhibitors in the process of calcium carbonate precipitate formation in reverse osmosis apparatuscarbonate precipitate formation in reverse osmosis apparatus

Identification of corrosion of galvanized pipes in the water supply systemIdentification of corrosion of galvanized pipes in the water supply system

The study of the surface texture of pipes with the purpose of increasing their transporting capacity


Changes in the quality of natural water from a public water supply source during transportation

Method of hydraulic calculation of the innovative designs of surface runoff disposal


Reducing color of natural water with the use of organic coagulants

Preparation of aluminium hydroxychlorosulfates based on its sulfate saltsbased on its sulfate salts

Purification of local chrome-containing wastewater and recovery of chrome compounds


Integrated approach to reducing water losses in TyumenIntegrated approach to reducing water losses in Tyumen

Improving the efficiency of production processes with the use of mobile devicesImproving the efficiency of production processes with the use of mobile devices

Commercial tests of VTI-M high-rate horizontal clarifier enhanced with microsand


Heat-mass-exchange packing for evaporative cooling with a developed drip irrigation mode (to be discussed)

Anammox – an advanced technology of nitrogen removal from wastewaterAnammox – an advanced technology of nitrogen removal from wastewater

Study of gas evolution in a sewer sectionStudy of gas evolution in a sewer section


Optimization of flocculation and chlorammoniation processes at the water treatment facilities of the city of Novosibirsk

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