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Strelkov A. K., Stepanov S. V., Strelkov D. A., Doubman I. S.

The experience of upgrading wastewater treatment facilities of Zhigulevsk


The experience of designing, constructing and upgrading wastewater treatment facilities (16,200 m3/day) in Zhigulevsk, Samara Area is described. Prior to the reconstruction the technical condition of the facilities was satisfactory. However, the effluent quality parameters exceeded the maximum permissible levels for BOD, suspended solids, nitrogen compounds, phosphates and oil pro­ducts. The efficiency of primary settling related to BOD5 and suspended solids was about 50% resulting in BODfull: total mineral nitrogen: phosphorus of phosphates ratio changing from 100:12.5:1.7 to 100:21.8:3.16. Despite the deterioration of this primary effluent parameter in the process of nutrients removal it was decided to retain primary settling in the design layout because of the insufficient capacities of the existing aeration tanks. The techno­logy of nitrification-denitrification with anoxic and aerobic zones and chemical phosphorus removal is suggested. The bioreactor capacity was increased 1.5 times by establishing the third process line in addition to the existing ones; besides the construction started from the nitrification-denitrification aeration tank to provide for the sustai­nable effluent quality for the entire reconstruction period.
For tertiary treatment a filter-bioreactor with a brush head was used. Disinfection is carried out by UV-irradiation in a trough-type unit without changing the gra­vity effluent flow. The design documentation was approved by the state expertise of the construction pro­jects. By now a considerable part of the facilities has been constructed and put into operation. The successful experience of Zhigulevsk wastewater treatment facilities reconstruction carried out without interruption of wastewater inflow can be overspread among the similar projects in medium-scale cities of the central part of Russia.

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