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Primin Oleg, Aliferenkov A. D., Otstavnov A. A.

Regulatory support of ductile iron pipe use in Russia


The integrity and environmental safety are among basic requirements imposed to the municipal water and wastewater systems. An appropriate choice of pipe material is of primary importance for ensuring water transportation pipeline integrity. For many years steel and cast iron have been the main pipe materials used in public water supply in Russia. Lately ductile iron pipes widely used overseas and in Russia, in the Moscow water supply system, in particular, have been competing with steel (metal) pipes. The wider use of ductile iron pipes in drinking water supply until recently was restrained by the lack of the proper regulatory framework, including general lack of instructions on the use of ductile iron pipes in Construction Rules 31.13330.2012 «Water supply. Public utilities» (Revised edition of Construction rules and regulations 2.04.02-84*). The information on these pipes and on the introduction of amendments to Construction Rules 31.13330.2012 related to the use in water supply systems, and also amendments to Construction Rules 66.13330.2011 «Design, construction pressure water pipelines and sewers with the use ductile iron pipes» in relation to their use in soft and subsi­ding soil is presented. The amendments were approved by the Ministry of Housing and Construction of Russia and put into force on April 30, 2015.

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