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Skryabin A. Yu., Popovian G. V., Tron' I. A.

Microalgae as a factor affecting the organoleptic properties of the Don River water


Stringent hygienic requirements are set to the drinking water quality: epidemiologic, radiation and chemical safety, favorable organoleptic properties. The applicable regulatory documents control a number of parameters; however, other factors exist that affect the water safety and potability. In particular, among these are the amount and species composition of microalgae in water. Massive microphyte growth in surface water sources during water bloom raises serious difficulties in the process of water treatment and severely affects such regulated parameters as color and taste. The laboratory workers at «Rostovvodokanal» JSC have made observations of the microphyte growth in the Don water for 34 years. During this period the evolution of the species composition of microalgae in the Don River has been investigated. It was proved that certain cyanobacteria species affect the organoleptic properties of water. The efficiency of different water treatment methods of odor strength reduction is considered. For the operating water treatment plants the method of water odor strength reduction with the use of rapid gravity filter by natural aeration is suggested.

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