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Rublevskaya O. N., Probirsky M. D.

Reconstruction of the sludge incineration plant at the Central wastewater treatment facilities in St. Petersburg


The need for the reconstruction of the wastewater sludge incineration plant at the Central wastewater treatment facilities of St. Petersburg is substantiated. A short description of the technological processes of sludge incineration, flue gas purification and treatment of wash water generated in the process of gas purification is given. The advanced technologies of sludge pretreatment before incineration, flue gas purification, heat utilization, electric energy generation are presented. The results of the biochemical, toxicity, chemical and radiological studies carried out in SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» showed the possibility of using wastewater sludge incineration ash in the production of constructional materials. Cementing properties of ash that improve the structure and quality of constructional materials were determined. The use of ash in the production of concrete and bitumen concrete in amount of 10–12% of the concrete weight is also promising. The use of ash will improve the concrete strength by increasing the imporosity of the poured concrete, bitumen concrete. Solving the task of ash beneficial use will become a concluding stage in the package of measures on wastewater sludge utilization and will provide for zero waste process of wastewater treatment.

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