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Egorova Yu. A., Bykova P. G., Nesterenko O. I., Strelkova T. A.

Optimization of chemical water treatment costs in the process
of abstraction from surface water sources


The operational experience of «Samarskie Kommunal’nye Sistemy» LLC in the optimization of chemical water treatment costs in the process of water abstraction from the surface water source is presented. The Saratovskoe water reservoir has been the only water supply source of Samara urban district. Seasonal variations of water quality in the water reservoir call for the upgrade of the chemical water treatment method with the purpose of improving the efficiency of the treatment processes. To determine the optimal dosage of chemicals the process of chemical water processing in Lovibond ЕТ-750 flocculator has been being simulated at the laboratory of the water treatment plant using the required set parameters: mixing time, sedimentation time, time of passing through the facilities; mixing rate. During test coagulation the features of the generated sludge and its sedimentation rate are monitored. The results of the test coagulation provide for regulating the chemical dosages and water processing modes. The optimal dosages of chemicals determined during the test water coagulation provided for the economical efficiency 33,48% in 2016; 31,3% in 2017. A combined water treatment flow scheme with the use of two coagulant types: polyaluminum chloride in winter and less expensive aluminium sulfate in summer is introduced. Routine test coagulation with the purpose of the optimal chemical dosage depending on the water source quality provides for optimizing and planning chemical costs to ensure the water quality meeting the requirements of Sanitary Regulations and Norms «Drinking water. Hygienic requirements to the water quality in public drinking water supply systems. Quality control».

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  2. Egorova Iu. A., Kichigin V. I., Nesterenko O. I. [Study of the chemical and physical omposition of raw water at the pumping-filtration stations of Samara]. Vodosnabzhenie i Sanitarnaia Tekhnika, 2016, no. 12, pp. 7–13. (In Russian).

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